I want to show you something very special.

Biography lends to death a new terror.

I don't know who to give this to.

What more could a girl ask for?

You could be lying.

If you knew, you would tell me, wouldn't you?

Pull over and show me your driver's license.

We had a stopover in Boston.

Would you please turn on the TV?


Kurt graduated at the top of his class.

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Dan had a perfect alibi.


Nahuatl was the language of the Aztecs.


Hazel can't believe Terry let herself get caught.

Can you help us decorate for the party?

Joe would never say that.


Few people know how to use an enemy's weapon against him.

No one can stop us now.

Rudy never stops talking.

In his spare time, Bradford keeps busy as a troll in internet forums.

It's not that bad.

I just want my career back.

I was offended by her crude manners.

He lost his presence of mind at the news.

Many years have passed since then.

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There's nothing better than a good novel.

Bob, help me carry his luggage to the living room.

Maurice is buying some bananas.

Vincent looked through the supplies.

This place is very dirty.

Linder reached out and took Thad's hand in his.

Please show me your bag.

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

The joke is on him.

Nobody came to work this morning.

Sonny sort of liked Siping.

I feel dizzy. I think I'm going to faint.

Tammy took the orange juice out of the refrigerator.

He never boasted of his success.

By chance, I met my professor at a restaurant last night.

In poker, what's a Full House?

He is a tennis player.

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You lead the way and I will follow you.


It seemed like the only rational thing to do.

He won a free trip to Tunis.

Two tea to 22.

Happiness can't be bought.

Are there penguins living at the North Pole?


One more effort, and you will get on in life.

Many consumers are concerned about the health risks of genetically modified food.

They were from Australia.

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We're better than that.

Have you slept at all?

She is not rich enough to waste money.


The burglar broke into the post office in broad daylight.

I'm going with her to Boston.

British immigrants didn't speak standard English.


As a result of some factories using fossil fuels, chemical emissions have already caused serious environmental problems.


Maria is spending a lot of money on clothes.

A hermit is a person whose vices and follies are not sociable.

The clocks will be put back an hour this weekend.


Linder was here earlier tonight.

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I have just three dollars left.

We probably won't do that again until next October.

The river supplies cities and villages with water.

Who is my father?

Micky only looks mildly interested.

What stop is this?

We found a room to rent in a guest house.

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My mother anticipates all my desires.

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They have no children, to the best of my knowledge.

I'll make this brief.

Don't leave your dog in all day.

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Somebody opened the door.

These gatherings always get rowdy after hours, when the boss breaks out the single-malt scotch.

He is likely to have a book and a cracker at his meals--and then forget to eat the cracker!

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Charles will know where to go.

Which is larger, Japan or England?

We haven't seen you in a while.

You're just being ridiculous.

For all his efforts, he was not paid well.

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You can borrow my car if you want.

I don't want your apologies.

Clem is smarter than Kurt thinks.

That was enough to issue a warrant for Dan's arrest.

What stuff is this jacket made of?


I was wondering if you might be willing to talk to Stanley.


We had some questions.

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More challenges may lie ahead.

Despite his riches, he's not contented.

I don't really understand footwear.


I often heard him playing the melody on the trumpet.

She pleaded with him to not leave.

She listened to her CDs at random.

I broke my right leg.

That's why I need to meet him.


If you don't want to talk to me, that's OK.


Don't let them get away.

I stretched one.

Don't be so angry.

I'm afraid of losing you.

There's a job opening at the store across the street.


I have read that different idiots are of the same mind.

They were squeezed against each other.

I'm texting him.

The old man got off the bus.

Thierry looked to Sharan for guidance.

Don't run away from me now.

He wasn't sleeping when I came home.

I have made mistakes.

Who cares what Vidhyanath wears?

I've got a job interview.

The glory of New York is its museums.

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Terry has his heart in the right place.

They don't have raincoats?

Edgar is hardly fit to run a company.

Adherents of various religions live in Belarus.

The son demonstrated his anger by shutting the door and noisily.

What would you do now?

You should memorize as many English words as possible.


Since when do you care what anybody else thinks?

I was ready today.

She has a mysterious air about her.

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We are wearing a coat because it's cold here.

Trust and belief are two prime considerations. You must not allow yourself to be opinionated.

How deep is too deep?


Cindie convinced me.

I'll run your idea by the boss, see if he's interested.

He was carried by the waves away from the shore and out to sea.


Darci ended up not buying the car he was looking at last week.

The Hebrew language was chosen not for its virtues, but due to inability to arrive at an agreement.

Reading books is a habit of mine.


Wilmer started to get a little hungry.

Though it was in my power not to die for you, but to get as husband whom I would of the Thessalians.

Please inform me of your absence in advance.

Dean was shaking like a leaf.

Where were you going?

A warm, lazy breeze wafts across the flat, endless fields.

I quit smoking and drinking.

These clothes are finally dry.

I spent yesterday afternoon with my cousin Gian.

He is worried about losing his job.

Dan joined Linda's circle of friends.

What time are you going?

My apartment is not far from here.

The train was derailed, and panic ensued.

I am quite clear that it is a fact.

The opposite sides of a parallelogram are parallel.

John is too fat to run fast.

I like the sun.

To different minds, the same world is a hell, and a heaven.

When I look back on my life, I realize how much time I wasted.

All the old journals have been sold.

Are you sure you'll be alright here by yourself?

Why is the car in front of us driving so slowly?

It's self-evident.

Hitoshi is very artistic.

Clyde is ready for you.

Your courage will come out in a crisis.

Jose worked hard only to fail the exam.

The last three blocks! Come on! Cheer up!

But nobody believed him.

Are you learning English?

Samir never stops.

Be sure to fill in the blanks from top to bottom beforehand.

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She came to Tokyo at the age of eighteen.